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Welcome to Melt 4 Life

Thank you for visiting my site, as well as your interest in Melt 4 Life weight loss program. I believe that my products are the best on the market. Using a Homeopathic approach I can and WILL show you how to change your life forever.
Whether your goal is to lose hundreds of pounds or the last ten, I am here to support your journey. In addition to the products, I offer exemplary service, and the utmost desire to help you succeed.

The Journey to a NEW YOU

My name is Jennifer and I’ve always been an advocate for maintaining my weight and health. Since Melt 4 Life has been such a huge part of my life for so many years, I am ready to share this life changing formula with the world. I have always held on to a mediocre weight throughout my life and as a former college athlete, it has always been a part of me to maintain my physical health as well. Sometimes, life gets in the way and our bodies can only do so much. If you have ever struggled, stressed or worried about how to lose 10, 25 or even 50 pounds, this product will give you a new start, a new outlook and a new you. Welcome to MELT 4 Life.

Jennifer Knight – owner of Melt 4 Life

Starting weight –  175lbs
Current weight – 149lbs
in 21 days


Starting weight –  177lbs
Current weight – 155lbs


Starting weight –  189lbs
Current weight – 175lbs

Client only wanted a Target weight of 15-20 pound weight loss


Starting weight –  304lbs
Current weight – 206lbs

100 pound weight loss.

Mrs. Prince

Starting weight –  198lbs
Current weight – 168lbs

“Let me start by saying I feel better now than I have in many years! I can run and chase my grand-baby without getting winded! I was at one point taking 8 pills and two nasal sprays in the morning then before bed I had to take 5 more pills!! Since starting Melt4Life I am now taking two pills in the morning and one at night! This is an amazing product and I am very thankful that I was able to take the leap and fight through the program and get the weight off! In 21 days I lost 19 pounds! After stopping the drops and continuing to eat healthy and count my calories I have lost another 10 pounds! To say this program will help you achieve your goals is an understatement! This program helped me exceed my goals! I set out to lose about 25 pounds, I am now four pounds past my goal!! I am wearing jeans and shirts that I had given up on because they didn’t fit anymore; they now fit like they did when I bought them if not better😁!! I will be forever grateful to Jennifer for coaching me through this journey to a better me!! Thank you Jennifer and Melt4Life!!!!!“